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The fast expansion of online dating trends has resulted in an incredible amount of dating websites over the past few years. Your Date Link is a dating website that offers its members various features, search options, live chat and many other tools helping to find the right one. The website lets you sign up for free, which allows you to take a peak inside and browse through profiles and see if there is anyone matching your criteria. In order to contact a member, you must upgrade your membership, so we took a look and made a review to help you decide whether it’s worthy of your money or not.


Free sign up and detailed profile making


What’s great about Your Date Link is that you get to register for free before you make any purchase. That means you can explore the site, see what it has to offer, try out some features and then decide whether you like it or not. During your free trial (which is forever, or until you upgrade your account) you can search for other members and browse through their profiles. This way you’re absolutely sure that there is someone worthy of your time before you make any payment. Cool thing is that when you create your profile, you’re available for other people’s search, so you might soon get a message for someone who wants to meet you.


Lots of members


This seems to be one of the more popular dating sites  not only in the U.S. but in the other countries as well. We did a couple of random members searches, just to get the idea how many people really are out there. Turns out, there are a lot! For instance, a search for women aged 20 to 35 in the Florida region who have photos and were recently online gave us dozens of pages of results. Keep in mind that there are 10 profiles on each results page, so we went through the first 50 and then decided to take a break. Also, searches in random counties like United Kingdom or Portugal returned quite a lot of results. So, no matter how picky you are, it’s impossible not to find someone you like.


Personality search


When it comes to searching for the love of your life online, it’s frustrating to run into a site that offers limited search options. There isn’t much you can do when you can only have an A/S/L search which makes you spend hours trying to weed out what you like and don’t like. It’s the personality that makes the biggest difference when you’re looking for something serious, so knowing as much as possible about the person is a big plus. At Your Date Link, the profiles are very detailed (several pages of user information and information about the desired partner) so reading someone’s profile really helps you get the main idea about someone. What makes this site so awesome is the personality search, where you can create your own custom search with lots of different criteria. If you’re sure you couldn’t stand your future partner playing metal to the loudest, or you don’t want to end up with a couch potato, with personality search you can save a lot of time.


Indecent proposals


When the website’s main page says ‘find new friends and partners’ it clearly means that this website is oriented on making meaningful, long term relationships. Looking at the profiles we couldn’t help but notice that there were some pretty naughty ladies with explicit content of the profiles. Which is nice, if that’s what you’re looking for, but we think these girls are targeting the wrong crowd. While there are so many websites specialized in casual encounters, it seems like a waste of time to try and search for hook ups on a site like this.  


There is really a great number of similar dating sites on the internet, but there are several things that make Your Date Link stand out from the crowd, as we said in the pros section. So, it’s definitely a big YES for this site. And now to payment options. You do want to upgrade your account because being stuck with the trial version doesn’t really lead you anywhere. You can look, but you can’t touch. Since we rarely find a website this cool, we’re offering you get the one year package. There is a time limited offer to get a yearly subscription for only $99.44, while the regular price is $358.32. A hundred dollars for a website subscription might sound a lot, but keep in mind than, divided into months, it only costs you a little more than $8 per month. And that’s a great price for what you’re getting here!

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