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Gothic Date Link  


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The gothic subculture must be one of the subcultures with the worst reputation, one of the most misinterpreted of them all. People tend to see them as weirdos and not realize that they’re as human as anybody else, and that they need a soul mate, too. Gothic Date Link is a website that specializes in gathering people from this subculture, to enable them to meet others and make new friends and romantic relationships. Let’s take a look inside and see what this website has to offer to its members, and what kind of dark surprises are waiting for us.  


Finding like minded people has never been easier


The awesome thing about Gothic Date Link is that you can create and account absolutely free, and take a look at what features it has before you decide whether to upgrade your membership or not. The whole profile creating procedure is really fast and doesn’t take more than a couple of minutes of your time. Once you’ve created your profile, you can go and start the hunt for that right person you’ve been looking for. The best thing is that the site is for goths only, which means you’re gonna be dealing with people who not just accept your lifestyle, but share it, with people who actually understand you and make perfect matches for a deep conversation. And besides, all that black clothes, leather and chains are more than hot.



Lots of new users


Maybe it’s the whole True Blood mania, but it seems like being a goth is getting more and more popular. Not only in the United States, but, as it turns out, all over the world. Every day there are over a thousand new users, so you can imagine the speed at which is this site expanding. That means that with each day your chances to find a good looking goth near you are significantly increasing. So don’t be lazy and do yourself a favor and check this website out just to see how many people are there in your area.


An easy to navigate video chat system


If you’re not satisfied with just exchanging emails with someone who you find interesting, then luckily for you there are several other options for communication. One of them is audio chat, which comes in handy when you’re trying to figure out what does that hottie sound like in real life, but the best one is definitely the video chat. This feature is enabled to the upgraded members 24/7, and as far as we noticed, it’s pretty active in both daytime and nighttime. The whole thing works pretty fast and is simple to use, unlike some other sites that make it a nightmare just to establish a connection. Definitely worth trying out!


Goth poseurs


We know you hate them more than anything in the world, but every subculture inevitably has an army of wannabes that just don’t get what it’s all really about. The recent popularity of vampire movies and the whole Edward Cullen thing has made teenagers go crazy for the whole goth look. What they don’t get is that it isn’t just enough to put a a lot of make up on a white foundation and dress in black to be a goth, but there’s no purpose even trying to explain. Guess you just have to wait for some other thing to get popular and all those goth wannabes switch to whatever the new thing is. And it’s not hard to tell these people apart from the true goths, so you can still fully enjoy this site, with the occasional frown or an ironic smile.


Gothic Date Link is one of the fastest growing websites in this category, so meeting someone who matches your standards isn’t really hard. It is a high quality site, loaded with great features and a simple yet fully functional design that meets out high standards. All in all, we give it a 19/20 which is a pretty high grade, so it’s our recommendation to check it out and open up an account. And now to upgrading prices. It might sound a bit expensive when you hear that the first month subscriptions costs $29.86, but luckily there are several discounts available. If you choose a three month subscription, you get a special 3 for the price of 2 deal that will cost you $49.72. The best option would probably be to choose a time limited offer that enables you to save over $250 if you apply today, and get the whole year for only $99.44 instead of the full price which is $358.32.

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