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MonthlyAvailable on AllTel, T-Mobile, and Verizon Wireless at $0.99 per message received; Virgin Mobile at $1.99 per message received; US Cellular and Boost at$6.99 per month, Sprint & Nextel at $9.99 per month, AT&T at $9.99 per month, Cellular One at $15.00 per month, Sprint is $9.99 per month

Detailed Review is an American-based dating website that gives you a chance to text other members from your cell phone. It’s a relatively new way of meeting people, so it’s most popular with the younger generations and members in their twenties. Some of these girls are just looking for a new friend they could talk to, others are hoping to meet that special one, while others just want to have fun with no strings attached. There are thousands of hot people you can chat with, so even the pickiest of people will find their perfect match.


Lots of members has one of the biggest members databases among dating sites of this type. This is a huge advantage because it allows you to pick the perfect girl for you, and there are really some hotties out there. Unfortunately, there aren’t any advanced search options so it will take you a while to go through all these profiles. If you don’t feel like waiting, just pick the first hot girl you see and start talking and see where it gets you.


Cheap compared to other similar sites


The main advantage this site has over the competition are the low prices for a monthly membership. The prices vary from carrier to carrier, but most of them will get you a one month unlimited access for as low as $9.99. This is a great price that will allow you to text the girls all you want, and there are so many interesting profiles that it will be hard to pick the best ones. Use this opportunity to get to talk to hotties for less than $10 per month, and start having fun today!


Hot girls!


One of the best things about is the selection of girls. I spent quite some time browsing profiles, and i was really pleasantly surprised with how many gorgeous girls were there. These sites usually have a fair amount of average looking people, but has some of the prettiest members I’ve ever encountered on a dating site like this. So give it a try and see for yourself. You can browse members all you want before you decide to join and pay for the membership.


Simple site design is made to help you find what you’re looking for, and to find it fast. There are no unnecessary details here that would keep you distracted, so even the beginners in online dating can find their way around easily. You can quickly browse through members profiles and see what the selection is like. will save you time searching, so you’ll quickly find what ever you’re looking for. With this many girls, it’s really easy.


Choose from shy to cheeky


There are thousands of girls to choose from, all with different personalities and things they’re looking for. You got shy nice girls that are looking for someone to talk to about everyday things and maybe meet the right guy, and you have naughty girls that are ready to blow your mind with hot chat. Whatever you’re into, has it all.


Not enough members info


All you’re gonna get when viewing a girl’s profile is her age, location and a short description. Since there are thousands of girls to talk to, it’s really hard to pick the right one judging only by this short info. It would be a lot better if you could make a more detailed search that would include for example hair color, height and weight or stuff like that. This way looking for a perfect girl gets really slow because you have to read one profile at the time.


No members over 30


If you’re looking for someone more mature to talk to, you came to the wrong place. is all about the young hotties, and many of them aren’t even old enough to legally drink. Most members are in their twenties, and it’s really hard to find someone older than 25. Finding a mature member is really a mission impossible. So, if you’re searching for a mature, more experienced partner, you might want to look elsewhere. On the other hand, if you like your girls hot and young, you’re gonna love every minute spent on!

Conclusion could use much improvement and new features, but it still is a great site for the price you’re paying. The whole point is getting to talk to hot girls, so the lack of features isn’t that terrible. If you’re looking for someone to chat with and you don’t want to spend too much money, pick as a cheap way to get what you want. Check paying info for pricing details for your cell phone carrier. Join

today and hit these hotties up for a hot chat.

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