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UK Date Link is a big surprise in the online dating world, because it managed to get thousands of active members in only a couple of months of its existence. The marketing team must’ve done a hell of a job, because now UK Date Link can boast about having more members than sites that have been active for years. It’s all about fashion in the British scene, and UK Date Link is currently the hot new thing. Let’s take a look inside this No 1 online dating place and see why the Brits went so crazy about it.


The more, the merrier


It’s the golden rule of any dating site, the more members there are, the bigger are your chances of finding someone who matches your criteria. This makes UK Dating Link a jolly good place, because the statistic claims you’re more than likely to click with someone. Don’t forget to explore different chat rooms and you’ll notice they’re full of people non stop.


Take this baby out for a drive


You wouldn’t agree to pay $100 for something you didn’t get the chance to try out, right? We thought so. Luckily, you can join UK Date Link absolutely free, and explore the site all you want before you decide whether to pay for the premium subscription or not. That also means you get to see other people’s profiles, so before you pay, you can make sure there are people in your area that you find interesting enough.


Ball games, gold chains, whatsnames, pictures frames and leather goods…


Just like the back of Rodney & Del Boy’s truck, this website is filled with all things imaginable. You name it, they have it. From teens to seniors, from gay to bi to straight, from looking for a lifelong partner to a one night stand seekers, there’s something for everyone. It’s the diversity in members that makes UK Date Link so special, and you should take advantage of it.


If you’re fast enough, you could save up to $250


Upgrading to premium accounts is never cheap, and when it comes to UK Date Link, it costs $29.86 per month to get unlimited access to all the site’s features. While this might sound a bit pricey to you, luckily there’s a special time limited offer for a year long subscription. You might think that a year is quite a long time, but if we tell you that you can get the subscription for as low as $99.44, you might want to think about it. That’s only around $8 per month for 12 months, and it gains you access to video and audio chat, anonymous email system, advanced search and many other features.


Anarchy in the UK Date Link


While we were blown away by the number of members who are constantly online, and we proved there are tons of hot members of both sexes, we couldn’t help but notice the site’s a bit confusing structure. Sometimes it makes it hard to find your way around, especially if you’re new to the site. It may take a while until you explore all the sections and memorize where’s which feature, but it just takes practice. Anyway, it would be a good idea to redesign the main profile page and help newbies get around easier.


No Brits, no hits


In case you’re from the United States and were hoping to meet someone with that sexy British accent, hold your horses before you start planning the wedding with Hugh Grant in your head. As the name of the site says, it’s reserved for people who live in the UK, and although you’re run into an occasional Englishman in New York it’s highly unlikely you’ll find your match here if you’re not living on one of the biggest cities of the USA.


When it comes to dating in the UK, there is no doubt that UK Date Link is one of the best places to look for. As we said before, there is really a lot of people to choose from, so even if you’re the pickiest person there is, you have to find someone to match your needs. A couple of minor things still need to be taken care of, but there is always room for improvement. So, our advice is: go for it! You can only benefit from having the possibility to make your life richer by a few acquaintances. And hurry up, you might still get that awesome discount!

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